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Customer Testimonials

"Fantastic service, Nettie is truly a wonderful person, I took my 9 year old ASD son to sessions starting 6 months ago, due to behavioural difficulties, that were hugely impacting on family, school life. He is a different child then when he first started to now. His behaviour has improved dramatically. The family dynamic has healed and improved. My son is now accessing education and doing well in school.
I would highly recommend and will be sad as it is time to finish.                    
 AR Bedfordshire 2017

Before I came I gave you 0/10, after the first session I gave you 9/10 and then every session was 10/10. Thank you for helping me control my emotions.                                   

OM Bucks 2016

Thank you for listening, for helping me to control my emotions and for helping my Mummy and Daddy to like me again.                                                                                        

 MF Oxon 2016

"She has strong and good working relationships with all of them."                        
CF Berkshire


"She has an natural interest, kindness and understanding." 
DB Buckinghamshire 2016


"Practical, has good sense and unfailing cheerfulness has been a joy to know and support to me"
JY Buckinghamshire

"Can't believe it took 3 sessions to make me happy and changed my life" 
EH Oxon 2015

My life was blessed by meeting Nettie. I thought that this was it; Anxiety and Alcoholism, Domestic Violence Trauma. On a family member saying counselling or it; I chose another chance at  counselling. Nettie is unlike most other counsellors I have met. She saved my Life and gave me back my Family. I will be eternally grateful for the help she gave me.          Bedfordshire 2015

"Nettie worked very closely with my family due to Extreme behaviour's that my Son was showing. With Nettie's help a diagnosis was got, so our life together is much better. Things are so much better now we understand his condition. We will be forever grateful to her."    - Mother of ASD Child. NM Oxon