Counselling  &
   Wellbeing Services  

Wellbeing Foundation
(Charitable CIO)

Prices as of January 2018
COUNSELLING 1:1 sessions

Adult Counselling  60 min £45
                                 90 min  £60

Children Counselling 45-60 min £37.50

Couple Counselling 90 min £70                       
Students 60 min £30

Groups per person variable to group .

Funding can be got through Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation

Priority funding for Domestic Violence, Child abuse, Bullied Victims.
Then Long term illness and Carers.
ASD spectrum disorders will be also considered for funding if  DLA/PIP is not awarded.
Other topics would be considered.

We have the opportunity to provide reduced fee Counselling sessions by using our Student Trainee Counsellors. Subject to financial criteria.

Please let us know at contact you are looking for funding.