Wellbeing Services  

The Company offers: 
1:1 Person Centred Counselling.
Behaviour Strategy.
1:1 or Group Behaviourial Work.
Life Coaching.
Wellbeing services.
CPD Groups Work.  
For Adults, Youth:Teens and Children.


Prices as of January 2018
COUNSELLING 1:1 sessions

Adult Counselling  60 min £40
                                 90 min  £55

Children Counselling 45-60 min £35

Couple Counselling 90 min £65                       
Students 60 min £30

Groups per person £10 per session.

We have the opportunity to provide funded or discounted places subject to criteria and funds available through funds raised by "Friends of Challenging-Behaviour." (see separate page) 
Priority funding for Domestic Violence, Child abuse, Bullied Victims.
Then Long term illness and Carers.
ASD spectrum disorders will be also considered for funding if  DLA/PIP is not awarded.
Other topics would be considered.

We have the opportunity to provide reduced fee Counselling sessions by using our Student Trainee Counsellors. Minimum £10 donation. Subject to financial criteria.

Please let us know at contact you are looking for funding.