Counselling  &
   Wellbeing Services  

Wellbeing Foundation
(Charitable CIO)

What is the Charitable criteria?
For 1:1 Counselling those that are at need of mental health help, disadvantaged and vulnerable, through life circumstances,  ill-health, disability, with financial deprivation can apply.  

For Wellbeing groups anyone needing Mental Health Wellbeing can attend. Groups may have their own criteria set out.

Referrals can be self referrals (evidence will be required) or a professional can refer on your behalf.

How to apply for Charitable Counselling?
Send a request to [email protected] 

Is there any financial expense?
This is assessed on the Government guidelines within poverty scales.
Some clients will not have to pay for services.
Some clients maybe asked for a small donation for services as above the scale.
Some clients will not fit the criteria for Charitable funded but will be offered services.

Criteria for Clients?
Not limited to but criteria is Domestic violence. Child abuse. Bullying. Long term illness. ASD negative mental health. Carers of.