Wellbeing Services  

The Company offers: 
1:1 Person Centred Counselling.
Behaviour Strategy Group Sessions.
1:1 or Group Behaviourial Work.
Life Coaching.
Wellbeing services.
CPD Groups Work.  
For Adults,Teens and Children.


Members of our team; Each Therapist works as an individual. Each Therapist adheres to the membership rules of practice to their awarding body BACP. Each Therapist is  DBS checked. Each Therapist is insured. Each Therapist works within the safe, warm supportive environment of Challenging-behaviour. Each Therapist is accountable for confidentiality and an ethical code of practice. 

Nettie Forsyth.
I am a Person centred Therapist and a Behaviour Strategist.
Working over 30 years in the world of Families; Adults and Children has given me the knowledge and experience I have.
My aspiration is to have a Behaviour Centre that works with all ages and stages of a Humans development. Challenging the aspects of a Humans behaviour both its internal and external enabling a person to become their organismic self.
I feel very privileged to be working and have worked with so many people; empowering them to move on.

Emotional Support Animal. 


Neo joined us in January 2018 as a training ESA dog to work alongside Nettie.

You can follow him

(Clients can choose to have Neo in the room or not)

Jane Manners

I am a Person Centred Counsellor. I  have a real passion around enabling people to re-connect with them selves; through a variety of methods that make them feel accepted for whom they are. My educational work background has given me a wide range of experiences and this has given me an unique insight into the wider world.

I have done Counselling with MIND, YIS and RVT, as well as Private Practice. Working alongside Challenging Behaviour's will enable a positive supportive growth for many individuals, through the many new opportunities that are on the horizon. 

Agata Turney:

I’m a bilingual Counsellor, I speak Italian, Sicilian  and English. I have worked as an interpreter for Milton Keynes community language service since November 2003. My role as an interpreter is not just interpreting and breaking a language barrier between individuals, but requires trust and honesty, and above all respecting peoples autonomy, boundaries and confidentiality. I am a Person Centred Counsellor  (level 4 and 5) I have attended additional training on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). My main therapeutic approach is Person Centred, it is a non-directive approach which provides therapeutic support. I am a counsellor at MIND and have experience working with common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic, fear and more.

Peter Brown
I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor. I however incorporate other counselling methods, if deemed necessary.
I have extensive experience of working with people from all walks of life, through my private practice and voluntary work.
I make sure my clients voice is heard and respected and they come to understand their needs,themselves, conflicts, anxieties, defences and relational patterns enabling them to explore alternative ways of being and relating. I am also a qualified life coach and mentor. I am a member of the BACP.

Julia Vince.

I am a qualified Person centred Counsellor.  I have worked with people experiencing grief, loss, distress in coming to terms with bereavement through CRUISE. I have worked for MIND with issues including self esteem, anxiety, depression and OCD. My aim is to help people to realise and harness their own potential in ways that are personally life enhancing and satisfying. 

Trainee Counsellor Shirley.
Trainee Person Centered Counsellor joined Challenging-Behaviour in January 2018.

Trainee Counsellor Janine.

Trainee Integrative Counsellor joined Challenging-Behaviour in March 2018.